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After 36 years as a master jeweler, Javier Hernandez brings to home inspection an attention to detail unmatched in the inspection trade. He has the training and the tools that ensure the most thorough inspection of your future home! 20-20 Home Inspection provides full computer generated reports with digital pictures highlighting any problems discovered during the inspection. Javier is proud to be part of the Inter-Nachi group and is highly trained and knowledgeable on all building standards.

There’s a lot to consider before you choose your home inspector. If you make the decision carefully and ahead of time, you’ll have one less detail to worry about during the hectic process of buying your new home.


Before you choose your home inspection professional you should consider these questions:
Is the inspector a certified member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors? Javier is!

How long will the inspection take? (The minimum time is approximately three hours; anything less is not enough time to do a thorough inspection!) Javier’s home inspections are thorough and detailed!

How thorough is the inspection? Does the inspector use all the required technical tools including moisture, electrical, carbon monoxide detectors to aid in diagnosing problems? Javier does! He uses all up to date equipment and experience.
Does the inspector supply a comprehensive written report with detail explanations or a checklist? Javier does! 20-20 Home Inspection will provide a full report with all of the areas of concern.
Does the report include a summary list of important conditions and more essential information? Javier’s inspection reports are among the best in the industry and will include recommendations on how to repair and/or alleviate the deficiency!

Additional Questions to Consider:

Is the air conditioner working properly?
Will the roofing have to be replaced anytime soon?
Is there functional drainage to the house?
Are there any visible problems with the plumbing?
Is there any aluminum wiring you should be aware of?
The seller has agreed to leave behind the major appliances, but are they operating properly?
How much insulation is in the attic?
Are the soffit vents covered by insulation?
Is the discharge line on the water heater properly installed? Is the water heater working properly?
Are the GFCI outlets functioning as intended?
Does the auto reverse on the garage door need adjustment?
Are the side yards swelled to drain water away from the foundation?
Is the weather stripping on the front door in good shape?
So many questions that can’t be easily answered by the prospective buyer…

And that’s why the independent home inspector is your closest ally during the home purchase process

A competent inspector can ensure that there are no surprises when you move into your new home.
Javier Hernandez of 20/20 Home Inspections has the tools and the training to answer all your questions before you sign those purchase papers.
When you hire Javier you buy peace of mind…before you buy your home!